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Features & Pricing

Compare Our Features & Pricing

Premium features included at no additional cost

Pricing about 30-50% less than copy shops

for Less
FedEx Office Office Depot OfficeMax Staples
Binding Type Perfect binding* and coil binding No perfect binding No perfect binding No perfect binding No perfect binding
Cover Type High-gloss laminated 100 lb covers* Not laminated Not laminated Not laminated Not laminated
Printing Type Print-to-edge borderless printing* White borders White borders White borders White borders
Paper Quality Premium heavyweight 32 lb pages* 32 lb 28 lb 32 lb 28 lb
Easy Online Ordering Yes* No No No No
Free Branded Web Store Yes* No No No No
Price for 60 Color Pages**
$42.19 $31.20 $35.98 $38.38
*Premium feature

Premium Feature & Pricing Details

Perfect Binding

perfect-binding-medium Perfect binding is a free Gung-Ho premium feature that gives your printed items the same professional look you see in libraries and retail bookstores.
coil-binding-medium Optional black plastic coil binding allows your printed book, manual, or document to lay flat and makes it easier to turn pages during a presentation.

Laminated Covers

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